About Us


AIM Poly Plast came into being in the year 2015 by Mr. Prathmesh Patel with an ambition to revolutionize the agriculture sector. We are a manufacturer and supplier of smart irrigation solutions to empower our farmers across the nation to grow higher yields without investing more. We provide a wide range of agriculture equipment including Drip Irrigation Sprinklers, Sprinkler Fittings, Irrigation Valve, Push Fittings and Polly Fittings. We are manufacturing products utilizing cutting edge technology and quality materials so that every penny of our farmers is well-served and valued. In fact, we give importance to quality over anything else.

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We have been manufacturing and supplying agricultural products for the last 10 years and that gives us ample experience to meet the ever-changing demand and needs of farmers and region-based agriculture. We have a team of experts who understand the different needs of agriculture and keep up with the upcoming trends in the agriculture sector. We also bring improvement as and when we receive feedback and suggestion from our potential clients and experts.

More than that, we at AIM Poly Plast, not only manufacture products but also ensure that all our clients are 100% satisfied with our products and services. In fact, we have created three main value-based policies which include;

  • Quality Products
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Quick & Timely Support

We never compromise quality over cost and ensure that all our products meet the industry standards.

As an organization, we are working hard and tirelessly under the guidelines of Mr. Jagadish Patel to bring as much comfort to the farmers across the country. He holds immense expertise in farming that brings additional benefits to our irrigation equipment. Success mustn’t be obvious, it’s the dedication to serve, the strength of the team & the brain behind.

Our Vision

Manufacture the best products, prioritize quality and deliver something that represents good value for money to our esteemed customers and clients.

Our Mission

We work hard to help our farmers achieve mission-critical success and make the most out of our irrigation products. We are putting all our effort to become the global player in the Drip Irrigation Industry and fulfill the ever-rising demand and quality products and services.

Core values

Being Pioneer Excellence Respect Everyone Commitment Database Decision Making.