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Round and Flat Drip Irrigation System

Drip Irrigation System is the most productive way of providing supplement for growing crops. With this system water distribution is done in such a way (close & different spacing crops) that each plant get precise amount of water on the base of their needs. Dripperlines help farmers save lots of energy and money with higher returnn in crop production.

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Drip Irrigation Product Manufacturers in Ahmedabad


  • Water Saving
  • Zero water waste, minimal evaporation & no run off
  • Maximum land utilization
  • Saves energy and money
  • Helps in maximum output and quality of crops
  • Minimal crop diseases
  • High productivity and more yeild.

Supporting Components:

  • Sand Filter
  • Air release valves
  • Hydro cyclone unit
  • Venchury
  • Head unit
  • Service Sedal
  • PVC Pipes & Fittings
  • Solvent Cements
  • Flange and valves
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AIM Poly Plast Round Drip Irrigation / Hydrogol Pipes

Flat Drip Emitting Pipe
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